Kelley K. Robinson, MSN, FNP-C

Founder | Wellness Counselor | Nurse Practitioner

Photography by Denise Chambers.

Photography by Denise Chambers.

A nurse practitioner who wanted more time connecting with clients and believes - to live a healthy life is not just the absence of disease. It's to live well. Wellness embodies the physical, mind, relational, sexual, community, and ambitions of a person. 

I am: an agent of change | effective communicator | educator | solutions-based | vision oriented. Passionate about connection, people, and wellness

IGNITE was created to motivate and support people to create change in their lives - to live more fully and well. I am here to support you in having the courage to change the things in your life that are not serving you. 

How did I get here?

I am not big on settling for the status quo. I always want to squeeze more from life. I climb the mountain only to see whats on the other side. This has played out in the choices I've made throughout life. For four years, I was a behavioral therapist with children who had autism. Then went on to become a nurse practitioner because I felt there was a huge gap in my knowledge about the human body, disease, and how it contributed to health. I became frustrated with the current healthcare system where the focus is often more on treating those who are already sick instead of on education and prevention. 

Logically this drove me crazy! Why not shift our focus to prevention and wellness? And, keep people from getting sick in the first place? Place priority on empowering and educating individuals on how they can change their lifestyle or behaviors to live a more healthy life.

Dream big. Live well. Create your own trajectory. Be healthy. Live an extraordinary life of fulfillment. Because when the rodeo is over you want to walk into the sunset with a big smile on your face knowing you lived a healthy life of no regrets.

The goal with Ignite is to support you in moving towards wellness in your life. The traditional model of healthcare does not afford providers or patients the time to really do this. At Ignite, I am creating the time. That's all we do!