As a nurse practitioner I often see health qualified as the absence of disease. But, it's so much more than that! Imagine if we all starting supporting the idea that health is overall wellness. Wellness is made up up physical health, emotional well being, relational happiness, sexual vitality, professional passion, and energy left over to do the things in life we really love to do!

Wellness is living to our fullest potential. Both in our personal and professional lives. That way when the rodeo is over, and we are all looking back on life we can smile and say, "That was one hell of a ride!"

But, we all have trouble changing bad habits, "Old habits die hard" has been passed down as an adage over the years for a reason.

I've discovered through working with clients both as a behavioral therapist and as a nurse practitioner that the most effective way to change habits, behaviors or ways of thinking is behavioral modification. That's why there's a whole science dedicated to it. It works!

I wanted more of this in my practice and in my life. I wanted to share it with others. 

So, IGNITE was born. 

I want to make a difference in this world with you. Dream big, make it happen! Lets create change together and leave the world a better place. IGNITE is just one idea I've had to do it... Now, what's yours?