Place yourself in the way of opportunities where there is no choice but to move forward... you create momentum that in the end propels you to new levels of experience & engagement.
— Wade Davis, professor & anthropologist

The Dirtbag Diaries is an awesome podcast created by Fitz Cahall all about adventure, exploration, living life hard, and making dreams a reality. Recently, I was headed up into the mountains for an adventure of my own and listening to an episode called, "A Slosh in the Bucket." Eric Johnson is the author of the episode and he tells his tale of how half-way through his thirties he emptied his retirement savings to buy a raft and learn how to become a guide. 

Without giving too much away, because you should really just listen to the actual podcast by clicking play below, he hits home why we should always choose to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations. Face our fears head-on. Even if it's just a small fear. 

Instead of giving ourselves reasons why to not do something, we should say, "Why the hell not?" 

The main obstacle we encounter is our own self-doubt that we can't do something. Growth never happens without challenging ourselves and dreams are made. So, make it happen!