Today ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?
  • What do you love thinking about, talking about, dreaming about?
  • Will you do these things today? 
  • Are you doing these things every day?

If you answered no to both or either of the last two questions. Then ask yourself, "Why the hell not?"

Often when we sit down to make short-term or long-term plans we ask ourselves, "what do I want and what are my goals?" Instead we should be asking ourselves, "What excites me?" The things in life that excite us motivate us to our core. These are the things in life that give us energy, our passions. On the other hand, the things in life that do not excite us usually bore us or we end up dreading the task or activity. 

We often view these as obligatory, a means to an end. The ironic thing is these are the things in our life that often take up the most time and effort. But why work so hard at an end we're not excited about? That's a whole lot of wasted energy and time.

Instead think if you sat down, dug deep, and figured out what excites you. Then you'd have this immense amount of motivation to make those things happen because you have so much passion and fire to put towards it.

Sounds easy right? 

It's usually not. The tough part is: making time for the things that invigorate us, get us going. We have all these obligatory things already seemingly set in stone that take up our day: our jobs, our day-to-day. This is where we make excuses why we can't always do the things that excite us because we have x, y and z to do first. We end up not prioritizing our passions. 

Now ask yourself - what if I did prioritize my passions? What would it look like? How would my life be different? What hurdles are in place to make this happen?

This is the first step to making it happen. Prioritizing your passion and analyzing how you will make it happen. This usually involves making time for it. What ever "it" is. Often this means getting rid of the things in our life that are not serving us: jobs we dread, long commutes, over-committed social lives, long work days, or stale relationships etc. Getting rid of these things can take a lot of effort and sometimes it seems impossible how to go about doing it. Most commonly, we fear doing it because of the uncertainty that lies on the other side.

Usually what we most fear doing, is what we most need to do.
— Tim Ferriss

So, today think deeply about what excites you and what hurdles stand in your way of making it happen.