Find what excites you in life. What rocks you to your core. A few days ago IGNITE had a blog post about this. But, what does it actually mean? Maybe you know right away. And, maybe you have no idea. The key to finding what excites us is to think about it as something we get fulfillment from. Ask yourself:

  • What excites me? 
  • Can I identify when I am doing things that I love to do? Or is this where I need to start?
  • What do I get fulfillment from?
  • Am I doing these things?
  • Am I doing these things every day?
  • How do I better integrate fulfillment into my life?

Do you truly know the answer to these questions?  My bet is that everyone knows the feeling they get when they are doing what they love do do. We all experience a heightened sense of awareness in moments of passion. It's as if everything just fits. We feel high on life. We get energy from the activity or task. We get satisfaction. We get enjoyment and pure joy. 

Maybe it's when we do a sport. For others playing a musical instrument. Maybe it's public speaking or teaching. Maybe it's negotiation or mediation. Maybe it's simply connecting with other people. The options are limitless because each one of us is uniquely infinite. Each individual is unlike anybody else in the world. Think of those possibilities.

Instead of trying to fit into the box that society has placed out for us. A trajectory of education, career, marriage, kids or any combination of those. Why not embrace what makes each of us unique. Why not live our own trajectory. 

Changing our trajectory takes effort, a shift in focus. First we must take a journey into ourselves and discover what's there.

I challenge you today to pick up this journey. Find some space to think deeply about this. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Label the first column "Fulfilled" and the second "Unfulfilled."

In the first column, write down the things you love to do, that excite you, that times you get fulfillment from. Sometimes it's things we're not even all that good at but we love to do it. Write it all down. There are no limitations or rules.

In the second column, write down the things you do in life that are not fulfilling. You do them and it drains energy from you, you dread doing it, or you feel obligated to do it.

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure in life.
— Tony Robbins

Now look at the difference between the two columns. How many items do you have in each column? Is one column longer than the other? How much time do you spend doing the items in the fulfilled column vs. unfulfilled? 

If you are spending half or more of your time doing things that are unfulfilling ask yourself - what the hell am I doing? Is this the life I want to live? When I am old and grey is this what I want to look back on?

Life is about living. Not going just through the motions day to day and pressing the repeat button when you wake up each morning. If you're not going to bed excited for the next day then you're spending to much time in the unfulfilled column. 

The goal is to live a life of purpose. We find purpose through passion. Passion is fulfillment. Success is living a life of fulfillment.

If you're unfulfilled column is taking up your life, time to make some changes and live the live you wish you did. Whether it's your job, your relationship, your financial situation, time, tired of doing the same thing or whatever is weighing you done. Time to make some serious changes. It's possible. You are the leader in this journey. 

The first step is to have the awareness you want the change in your life. That you are ready and motivated to start the journey. Next is to connect with the fulfilled column and strategize how to make more time for fulfillment. Then the big step is to face your fear to make the changes that will prioritize fulfillment and purpose.

This is where IGNITE and coaching can be huge advocates and support your move from unfulfilled to living a life of fulfillment. Schedule a free consult now. Make it happen! Live fully, live fierce.