Amy Cuddy is someone who has committed herself to live an extraordinary life doing something she's passionate about. Her story is nothing but inspiring. She's a Harvard professor, social psychologist investigating how people judge and influence themselves and others, her TED talk is the second most viewed of all time (over 35 million views), and she just published her first best-seller book Presence . If that wasn't enough, she's been named a "game changer" by Time magazine, "50 Women Who Are Changing the World" by Business Insider, and "top 100 Most Followed Scientists on Twitter." She dreams big and epitomizes living fully, living fierce.

But, what makes her story even more remarkable is how she defied everyone who was telling her no. As a college student she was in a car accident, ejected from the car, resulting in a skull fracture. Doctors said to forget about college. Her courage, strength, and grit to overcome others who told her no, and make her life a big Yes is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Cuddy's research and message is all about how body influences the mind. It affects how others see us but, also how we see ourselves. It's powerful. She make a case that it's almost more powerful than words. Instead of writing about it just watch her Ted talk. It best illustrates how incredible this women is. Her book is remarkable and will be reviewed in a future post, go read it!