I am reading a brilliant book Give and Take by Adam Grant. It's extraordinary, thought provoking and a necessary read for all individuals to increase our capacity for others. While it's message targets success as dependent on how we interact with others, it has far greater implications to how we can improve our connection with others eventually improving our collective success and human potential. 

But, this isn't a review for the book, I'll do that when I am done with it. 

There is a movement right not now to identify and inspire ways to increase connection between individuals in a world where we have so much disconnect. Grant's Give And Take does it. A new documentary RiseUp main message is connection. Conscious connection to others can not only help us daily in our roles as: leaders, coworkers, life-partners, parents, and friends. But, it can drive the impetus for great change globally. 

Connection is also theme throughout many TED talks. One in particular focuses on a simple solution to increase our connection - through active listening.

Julian Treasure studies sound and the impact of sound. His TED talk 5 Ways to Listen Better is the best 7 minutes you'll spend all day. Just click play below and you'll see.

We live in a world that has so much noise whether it's auditory or visual. We have constant stimulation. How can we truly listen to others with so much distraction? Think of all the thousands of conversations you have all day whether it's at work, on the street, at home, or even our internal dialogue. Are you really truly present and listening to during these conversations?

Treasure makes a wonderful argument that we are losing the art of listening and conversation. It's causing us to become impatient and less empathic, intensifying the fragmentation of our humanity. Just for a moment, imagine the implications of a world where no one truly listens to one another. 

Are you picturing a self-focused world full of discord, misunderstanding, and unhappiness?

In order to live fully we must listen consciously. It is truly listening that will create connection, spark creativity, ignite collaboration, and create change. To listen is to be a giver. And, to understand what it means to be a giver, go read Adam Grant's Give And Take. It will challenge you to live better, live fierce, live fully.