Morning routines are important. They jump start your soul and set the tone for the day. They can shape your mood, your energy level, and your intention for the next 16-18 hours. 

Take the still space right when you wake up, after your pour your coffee. Before you check your email, read the news, exercise, look at any social media platform, or whatever activity you doing in the mornings that instantly engages your attention. take this time to fill the stillness with the 5 questions below. 

What do I want to offer the world?

What do I want to be?

What do I want more of in my life?

What can I change today that I will be grateful for tomorrow?

If what matters is _______ then my choices today are _______ .


This answers to these questions are power statements about yourself. About what you want create in this world. Daily engagement with these questions will define your intention of how, what, why, and in what way you want to bring purpose to your life and to others. 

Make it happen. Live an extraordinary life. Live fully, live fierce.