Kelley K. Robinson, MSN, FNP-C

Life & Wellness Coach | Nurse Practitioner

I am a dreamer, an agent of change, and an adventure seeker. I strive to contribute to a larger purpose in this life. I am passionate about connection and people. I am obsessed with discovering why there is a collective conscious movement right now to create change, not settle, to seek your passion, pave your own trajectory, and strike a better life/work balance. We are hungry for it. 

I knew the moment I tapped into my fierce potential when I faced one of my biggest fears - public speaking. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to host a documentary premiere and talk for 10 minutes before the show. As I stood up in front of 280 people, all staring up at me, waiting for me to say something. I looked down at the mic in my hand and thought - what the hell am I doing?

I created IGNITE to motivate and support people to dream big and create change in their lives. To have the courage not to settle for the regular ole' trajectory life hands us. To create our own story. 

Developing human potential creates a deep rooted happiness. If we are fulfilled in our own life we have energy left over to unite with others to contribute to greater purpose. 

I am dedicated to join you in your journey to live a life full of fulfillment and to ignite your fierce potential!

I could hear my heart beating. My palms were dripping with sweat. I had to say something instead of just staring blankly at the audience. No one else was going to. So I took a deep breath and started talking. After a few seconds, I realized I was charged up. I was actually doing this! And the audience was laughing and seemed engaged.
Afterwards, I realized I wanted more.

How did I get here? I am not big on settling for the status quo. I always want to squeeze more from life. I climb the mountain only to see whats on the other side. This has played out in the choices I've made. I was a behavioral therapist with children who had autism for four years. Then went on to become a nurse practitioner because I felt there was a huge gap in my knowledge about the human body, disease, and how it contributed to health. But, I became frustrated because healthcare is often focused more on treating those who are already sick. Logically this drove me crazy. Why not shift our focus to prevention and wellness? Keep people from getting sick in the first place?

Numerous times I would go to my mentor asking for advice because healthcare just didn't feel like a good fit. I wanted to do more, create change. Figure out how to focus on prevention and wellness. I just couldn't see where I fit within the current model.

Dream big. Find your destiny. Create your own trajectory. Live an extraordinary life of fulfillment. Because when the rodeo is over you want to walk into the sunset with a big smile on your face knowing you lived a life of no regrets.

I kept seeking other opportunities. I'd teach, write, and do public speaking about the things I felt passionate about. In those moments, I felt I had purpose. I felt alive.

A little over a year ago my best friend, my idol, my coach in life - the ultimate adventurer and freedom seeker, my father, discovered he had pre-cancerous lesions on his pancreas. He ended up in and out of the hospital 5 times. Seeing this strong, beautiful man who has always taught me to seek adventure, freedom, and a live a life for moments that take your breath away - get close to the brink of cashing in his chips, rocked me to my core.

It made me ask myself. Am I living my life to it's fullest? 

Sometimes in life we need to break our patterns. Have our core rocked. Experience a moment where we have a shift of consciousness. It's in these moments the impetus for change is found.